PONIES HELD AT BELFAST PORT. 4 ponies have been held for a month owing to BREXIT paperwork.

PONIES HELD AT BELFAST PORT. 4 ponies have been held for a month owing to BREXIT paperwork.

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4 ponies have been held for a month owing to BREXIT paperwork concerns and they are just about to be freed after
a court ruling.

This is the first case of its kind and now a judge on Thursday ordered the release of those four ponies because they’ve been detained since March 21st, after arriving in Belfast on a ferry from Liverpool.
Discrepancies in the Brexit paperwork are the reason why the buyer isn’t able to take them, and she bought them as a gift for her daughter. Her lawyers said that most of those concerns centered on the wrong lettering in
one section or fields (it was written in black ink instead of red).

Northern Ireland’s Department of Agriculture is stating that there were serious omissions about the ponies’ place of origin, and under the rules the ponies could have been sent back to Britain for a further 30 days’ quarantine.
The buyer made an appeal so she could get access to those ponies, and the judge agreed with her. In his statement, he said that there is no reason to take the ponies back to Scotland just so the paperwork could get checked and corrected. 
He urged Brussels to review the case and change the rule to reconsider that animals should have been returned to Britain for a further quarantine, rather than remain in Belfast. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

As if Brexit wasn’t tricky enough.. these new Brexit arrangements and protocols seem absurd and cases like this just show us how they can end.  While voting for Brexit, no one wanted nor expected this type of bureaucracy
to be placed on animal owners and vets. Apparently these types of protocols affect Northern Ireland while its government has been observing strict EU rulesmon the transfer of all types of products as a part of the EU-UK deal: such as medicines, plants, animals and food.

Apparently, as stated by the court, the documentation in this case was completed by an experienced vet that actually had some experience with dealing with post-Brexit paperwork. But some accidental mistakes in the form made these ponies help up for a month.

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