A CHANCE TO LIVE – Endangered Humpback Whales

A CHANCE TO LIVE – Endangered Humpback Whales

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A FINAL RULE WAS ISSUED by the Biden administration and it is directed to protect 116,000 square nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean because its the habitat of endangered humpback whales, even 3 populations of them. The main goal is to protect the whales that are migrating from all the possible problems along the way like fishing nets and oil spills which is their leading cause of death. 
Elevation of humpback whale mortality started in January of 2016. and whales were found floating along the Atlantic Coast. Researchers say that all of those whales died from vessel strikes and fishing nets entanglement, and not just
there, but all around the world. Those are the growing causes of whale mortality and the implementation of this act is just the beginning on the path to stop this.

It all started in 2018. when the Center for Biological Diversity, Turtle Island Restoration Network and Wishtoyo Foundation brought up the failure of the government to implement its Endangered Species Act, which would help the
whales from speeding ships in California. (there is one population of humpback whales with only 800 individuals and less, and they feed off California’s coast).
Trump administration issued a proposal rule and now finally the Biden administration ruled on it. 

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48,521 square nautical miles of habitat off the coast of Oregon, Washington and California was designated by this rule, and 116,098 square nautical miles in the North Pacific Ocean and its humpback population. 
These are the critical habitats of endangered whales and it’s believed that the protection of these parts will make the biggest impact on their survival.

This is a big win for the whales, but now we have turtles, dolphins and other whales that still need protection from industrial fishing, and also implementation of speed limit for ships.

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