[NEWS] UN Convention Of Migratory Species.

[NEWS] UN Convention Of Migratory Species.

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The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, also known as the Bonn Convention, was dinged in 1979. to globally provide a sustainable use of migratory animals. It’s 13th Conference added more
animals to the list of protected animals under the agreement.

Asian elephants, jaguars, Indian bustards, Bengal floricans, little bustards, antipodean albatrosses and oceanic white-tip
sharks received the strongest protection under its Appendix 1. Urials, smooth hammerhead and tope sharks were listed as migratory species that would receive some benefits from international cooperation and overall actions of the UN states, even though they’re not on the list mentioned above.

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The best news is that 14 species are considered to be added for new conservation plans. At the conference, the states also agreed on  a couple of policy measures t address possible threats to the species:

– need to strengthen and find ways to stop the illegal killing and trade of migratory birds 
– need to address the unsustainable use of aquatic wild meat
– finding ways to lower the levels of bycatch of sharks and rays, and implement bycatch mitigation measures for marine mammals
– address the importance of social complexity to help the the conservation of endangered species
– promoting wildlife-friendly renewable energy

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