Cat has to be put down after she was stuck to four glue traps.

Cat has to be put down after she was stuck to four glue traps.

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RSPCA appeals to householders not to use ‘cruel, horrendous and completely unnecessary’ devices  even though they are legal.

The RSPCA has urged people to stop using glue traps to catch mice and rats after a cat became so badly stuck that it had to be put down. The cat, named Miles by the charity’s staff, had four glue traps attached to his body when he was found with “horrific” injuries and in pain. Rescuers said it was the worst glue trap incident they had ever dealt with. The black and white cat, discovered in an alleyway in north London last month, had a large infected wound on his leg, his tail was damaged and his hind legs were stuck together.

The traps, stuck to the animal’s legs and tummy, had also pulled off fur and badly damaged the abdomen, the RSPCA said. It is thought Miles also ingested glue while trying to struggle free. Glue traps, which are sheets coated in ultra-strong adhesive, are used to trap mice and rats. But birds also die after being caught.

The cat stuck to the traps before being rescued Photo Credit:  RSPCA

RSPCA inspector Nicole Broster said: “This poor cat was in an extreme amount of pain from his horrific injuries and he was very scared and frightened.

“This is the worst glue trap incident I have ever seen and dealt with.” The cat was taken to the RSPCA’s Harmsworth Hospital in London to be treated but had to be euthanized when his condition deteriorated significantly.

Ms. Broster condemned glue traps as “cruel, horrendous and completely unnecessary”, saying they cause awful suffering. “Other animals and non-target species also become victims – in this case poor Miles,” she said. She urged anyone who knew who laid the glue trap in north London to contact the charity, which encourages people to deal humanely with unwanted wildlife. 

The black-and-white cat’s death has prompted the RSPCA to appeal to people to report glue traps on sale to them. Credit: (RSPCA)

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