Kitten who showed up on a family’s backyard asking for help [VIDEO]

Kitten who showed up on a family’s backyard asking for help [VIDEO]

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A tuxedo kitten would show up on a family’s backyard and then immediately run away. Finally she came back to the family, asking for help.

Cathy from Brooklyn, New York spotted a kitten that seemed to be all alone early on last September. The kitten looked very skinny and Cathy immediately approached her. However, upon seeing Cathy approaching, the kitten ran away. A few days later however she showed again, only this time she didn’t leave. Cathy decided to take her home.

She then realized the kitten was starving and sadly she was also covered in fleas. Cathy said that after a couple of hours and a good meal, the kitten warmed up to the family pretty quickly. Her family reached out to a trap-neuter-return (TNR) called Flatbush cats rescue located in Brooklyn. The kitten clearly needed medical help so the team from Flatbush cats came to her rescue and arranged for her to get well

They first gave the kitten a much-needed bath.  The water even turned red from all the blood excrement that the fleas had done to her body. Will of Flatbush Cats said that when one is taking care of kittens under eight weeks, they must make sure to bathe them with Dawn dish soap and follow up with a flea-comb.

Amelia volunteered to foster the little kitten and nurse her back to health. They named her Pepper too. Cathy claims that Pepper is now safe, clean, and flea-free. She adds that Pepper will never be alone or hungry again, and she is assured that the kitten will live out the best days of her life, surrounded with love.

It didn’t take Pepper long to adjust to the indoor life either. Growing bigger, her baby blue eyes even changed colors and she was growing into a confident cat. The once-flea-possessed cat was now transformed in a confident snuggle-bug who isn’t shy to demand petting

A few weeks in the rescue center was enough for Pepper to find her forever home and her foster brother too.

Pepper was adopted in mid-October. Brewski, Pepper’s older brother is very excited to have a new member in the family and has had the pleasure of taking care of her, Will claims. Her new mom too in addition to her brother has been spoiling the kitten with a lot of love and tons of treats as well.

Seems like the little tuxedo girl stole everybody’s hearts. She is the princess of the house now.

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