Rare Footage of New Bird of Paradise Species Shows Odd Courtship Dance

Rare Footage of New Bird of Paradise Species Shows Odd Courtship Dance

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By observing its courtship appearance and dance, researchers were able to confirm the rare Vogelkop superb bird of paradise as a new species.


Looks like the peacock is going to be facing some stiff competition from the recently discovered new species – Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise found in New Guinea’s far-western Bird’s Head region. Researchers recently termed it a new species separate from the Greater Superb Birds-of-Paradise species by observing its mating process, their sounds and shape.

The Greater Superb Birds-of-Paradise become famous after it was featured. The bird has a gleaming black color with crescent shaped-blue feathers around its breast and blue eyes. Vogelkop has an elaborate mating ritual which is a combination smooth movements where the male bird circles the female showing off its black cape similar to a peacock. It’s microscopic feathers absorb almost 100 per cent of the light, which makes it blue markings even more striking.

Screenshot: YouTube

Every now and then, Mother Nature does something so lovely and improbable as to make you wonder, “Did that really just happen? And how?” Such is the case with the courtship rituals of male Paradisaeidae, the bird-of-paradise family. Found only in the dense rainforests of New Guinea and a few remote Australian islands, they put on some of the animal world’s most spectacular shows. Their extreme sexual dimorphism — the technical term for when different sexes of the same species have different forms — doesn’t simply encompass physical traits, which in Paradisaeidae males include Day-Glo colors and spaceman-antenna feathers. It’s their behavior.

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YouTube, Nat Geo Wild Channel.

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